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A repository containing all of Team 3161's public programming resources, including robot source code and reusable libraries for use by any team who wishes to use them.


Team 3161 LEGO Robotics Library Program
Curriculum documents Link
Introduction to PID Control
This paper provides the general idea behind a PID controller and is to be used as a starting
point. It is meant to be very brief and easy to read.
PID Example -
Team 3161 Design Standards
Used by 3161 members and mentors, this document outlines design and usage standards for the team’s image in all forms of media and team documents for Team 3161, Tronic Titans.
Download the PDF.
Assembla and TortoiseSVN
An Introduction and overview to using the free Assembla SVN service, and the TortoiseSVN windows client for FRC team file management.
Download the PDF.
2011 Scouting Sheet
For use by scouters at Logo Motion Tournaments, paper and pen recording.
Download the PDF.

2011 Scouting Database
For use by scouters at Logo Motion Tournaments. Database for scouting sheet data. Rank teams by average: points scored, minibot races, autonomous, and penalties,
Download the xlsx.
External Resources and Links
FIRST Robotics

FIRST Robotics Canada

FRC Blog - Keep on top of all things FRC, from the Director himself.

Team 1114 Simbotics - Nobody does it better.

Team 1334 Red Devils - An Oakville, Ontario team that helped us get started.

Team 4519 King's Mechavaliers - Our 2013 rookie team from King’s Christian Collegiate, Oakville, Ontario.

The Blue Alliance - A scouting paradise! Match standing and videos. 2002-present.

Chief Delphi - The go-to place for FIRST talk, discussion, advice and gossip!

macFIRST - McMaster FIRST Robotics Mentorship Initiative. (Founded and run in part by some of our alumni and mentors)

Think Tank - Informative presentations from some of the greatest minds in FIRST.

CAD Libraries:
3D Content Central