On sunday April 17th, 2011 the Tronic Titans attended the CAGIS (Canadian Association for Girls In Science) second annual open house and science fair. This event was hosted for girls ages 7 to 16, hoping to get them interested in science and technology from a young age. We brought this years robot, Eos, with us to do a demonstration for the girls, passing along the message of FIRST as well as an invite to join our team.

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On Thursday September 16th we gave a presentation at our school’s curriculum night where we were given the chance to introduce parents and students to our robot and to FIRST. We also held a robotics demonstration on Parent Teacher Interview Night, where parents come to the school to discuss their child’s progress with their teachers. At our school’s Grade 8 Night, we exposed future students (and their parents) to the opportunity they will have to join something fun in STEM through our demonstration with our previous year’s robots.

Our team helped raise money for the DR HOPE initiative at our school by attending and supporting the organization at their annual Pasta Dinner fundraiser. The DR HOPE initiative raises money to send students from our school to the Dominican Republic to build houses for those in need. Within our school, there is a new club called Free the Children, which raises money to build a school in Haiti. Our team helped raise awareness for their cause through supporting and promoting their initiatives including ‘Silent Day’ at our school..

From September to November 2011, every week the Tronic Titans set up an information booth in our school's atrium to present out team to the student body, recruiting new members, and showing off our 2011 robot, Eos.

On Friday, May 27, the Tronic Titans participated in our schools fundraiser called “Titans Battle Cancer” for the second year in a row. This fundraiser is an initiative for our school to raise money for Camp Quality. Camp Quality is a non-profit, volunteer organization that, not only provides children with week-long camping experience, but also provides year-round support for children with cancer (receiving treatment or in remission) and their families. Each team must raise at least $1000, with all proceeds going to Camp Quality. The Tronic Titans had a day filled with fun, while benefitting a great cause. Activities during the day included a hypnotist, musical entertainment, a cosmo class fundraiser, and students walking and running around the track. This day was very successful in regards to proceeds for Camp Quality. The Tronic Titans were proud to be participating in an event that raises money in order to make a significant impact on the lives of others.

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On Tuesday, May 31, the Tronic Titans visited Bishop Reding, a neighbouring high school within our board. Our team made a presentation to the computer engineering classes which introduced the students to FIRST and its ideals, as well as giving them a basic understanding of the competition. We hope that after our presentation, students and teachers at Bishop Reding consider getting themselves involved in FIRST, and partaking in a life changing high school experience.

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On June 1, the Tronic Titans hosted the First Annual FIRST Social at our school. We invited FRC and FLL teams in our area to come together and share what they had accomplished this year. This night also paid tribute to team 3663, The Sentinels, who won first place at the World Festival, as well as Dean's List Finalist Paul Fossenier from our team, and Dean's List Award Winner Nicholas Bandiera from the Red Devils. This night was a lot of fun, filled with presentations, robot test driving, karaoke and most importantly, time for people of different ages and from different teams to talk and learn new things from each other. The Tronic Titans plan for this event to grow and continue for years to come.

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On June 2, 2011, the Tronic Titans went to our schools carnival event for the community called "Titanfest". This event is a community barbecue, complete with games, raffles, sumo suits and bouncy castles. Our team sold cupcakes and raffled off a large cake that was decorated to look like a massive cupcake. We also took this great opportunity to talk to members of our community about FIRST, and the Tronic Titans. We brought out our robot, Eos, to show others what we have done and get them interested. As this is also a school event, we spoke with many fellow students about the team and hopefully got them interested in what we do.

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On June 8th and 13th we visited Our Lady of Peace, and St. Michael’s, respectively, which are both feeder elementary schools to our high school. During these presentations, we introduced the students and teachers to FIRST, and the programs that they can become involved with.

We introduced the schools to FLL, informing the students and teachers about what was done in past years, and how the program benefits the work ethic of younger students. We hope that we can help them start teams of their own, which we can mentor.

We also introduced the schools to FRC, in hopes that students in the older grades and graduating students this year will want to go to a high school in our area that has an FRC team. We hope that the students and teachers at Our Lady of Peace and St. Michaels learned a lot about
FIRST through our presentations and want to get involved with the organization.

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On July 7th, the Tronic Titans and the Red Devils (Team 1334) were asked to appear on a new children’s television show called “Giver”. Giver focuses on groups of children ages 6-9 working with their communities to revitalize their neighbourhood park centering on a theme of their choice. The Tronic Titans brought this year’s robot, Eos with us to spread the word of FIRST to children building a futuristic playground. The episode is due to air in 2012.
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On July 15th, the Tronic Titans, along with The Red Devils (FRC Team 1334) and The Sentinels (FLL team 3663) attended Midnight Madness. Midnight Madness is an event that takes place annually in downtown Oakville, where over 50,000 people walk along the streets (closed to traffic) which are filled with live entertainment, great sales at many stores, and demonstrations from various clubs and organizations. The Tronic Titans brought our robot, Eos to show our community what we do, and to talk to them about FIRST, hoping to get others interested in science and technology.
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On October 22nd the Tronic Titans had our third annual Ford Test Drive. At this event Ford donates $20 to our team for every person who test drives one of their cars that they brought to our school for the day. This day was very successful with lots of raised thanks to Ford and our supportive community.

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This season the Tronic Titans mentored three FLL teams: Legomaniacs 8831, Milbank Machines 14253, and St. Andrew’s Avengers 14251. All of our teams had outstanding seasons and learned many new skills. The Legomaniacs 8831 and Milbank Machines 14253 qualified for provincials, and mentors from our team attended with them to extend their continued support. We hope that these students will continue to further their knowledge on science and technology and know that through their hard work they can continue to achieve great things.
View photos of our 2011 FLL mentoring.

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On December 3rd, 2011, we hosted our second annual Halton Regional FLL Tournament. This year our tournament grew in size and we accommodated up to (18) teams including a hearing impaired school. We sent a total of 5 teams to the provincial tournament out in Oshawa, the Millbank Machines (5th), Legomaniacs (4th), MunchBotz (3rd), E-Bots Safety Shrinkers (2nd), and E-Bots Grill Masters (1st). We were proud to have two of our mentored teams continue on to the provincial competition and some of our mentors travelled with them there to support them.
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On saturday March 3rd, the Tronic Titans hosted the PEO National Engineering Month at our school. At this event all guests get to hear from many different kinds of engineers and ask questions about their profession. There are also fun activities throughout the day for children in the hopes of inspiring them to pursue an STEM related career. Some activities were Speed Engineering and the Power Up My Water Challenge. Our team brought this year’s practice to talk with our guests about FIRST and what our team does.
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As part of our commitment to inspire young women about STEM we visited a Girl Guides group. We spoke to them about FIRST, our team and how they can get involved with FLL. The girls were very responsive to our presentation and we hope to see them in the future as members of the FIRST organization.
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