On Saturday May 15th, 2010 from 10am to 2pm, the Tronic titans were present at Home Depot Mississauga for their community activity day. We had information tables set up to with FIRST and 3161 literature. The team and robot were around informing shoppers of FIRST, and our team. We had a very enjoyable day spreading the word about FIRST.

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On June 1st, 2010, Holy Trinity ran the "Titans Battle Cancer" event, to raise money for cancer research. The event had teams of 10 students ride stationary bikes with live bands, food and fun. Teams were encouraged to pick a "theme" for their team, and to dress up according to that team. The Tronic Titans were in attendance and were even awarded the prestigious "Best Costumes" award (pictured below). It was a great day, our 11 team members (Prometheous, our robot) all had a great time.

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Click HERE to see the "Titans Battle Cancer" Photo Album

With not much time before the end of the school year, we had to work fast to spread the word while this year's grade 8's were still in elementary school. Starting in Mid-May, our team travelled to many of our elementary "feeder" schools to demonstrate to the students, and teachers, what FIRST is, who we are, and what we do. We talked about the goals and principles of FIRST, demonstrated and explained this years game and robot, and expanded on what we do as a team after the build season is over... the robot is just the beginning! We hope we sparked some interest in these young students, and hope to see many of them on our team when they all reach high school in the coming years.

These presentations significantly contributed to us forming 2 more FLL teams at Holy Family, and St. Andrew Catholic Elementary Schools. As of the start of the 2010 FLL season, 3161 was mentoring 6 FLL teams.

School Presentations Album
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On Friday July 16, 2010, the town of Oakville held its annual midnight madness event where, from 6pm to midnight, the streets downtown are closed for shopping, food and fun! Amidst the crowds of people this year, Team 3161, alongside teams 1334 and 771, were present demoing our robots and promoting our teams and the FIRST organization.

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On August 31st, team 3161 along with 10 other Canadian FRC teams and 2 FLL teams participated in a FIRST demo at the Canadian National Exhibition (CNE) from 10am till 8pm. We demonstrated our robots and presented our teams to the many, many interested people walking the halls of the. We had a "mini Breakaway" field with the robots and drivers showing what they could do. It was a day full of fun and public awareness. The matches were full of excitement (a few robots on their backs), and the crowds walked away with knowledge of FIRST.
CNE 2010 Photo Album
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For the second consecutive year, 3161 was at grade 9 orientation day. All the grade-nines-to-be had a tour of the school, free pizza, and a presentation in the gymnasium about the school, and its activities. We held a 10 minute presentation, went through some slides, and demoed the robot. We sparked some interest in the grade 9s, and were very happy to see a great turnout of new, grade 9, members at our first meeting of the year.
School Presentations Photo Album

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For the second consecutive year, 3161 was at Holy Trinity's Curriculum night. We were in the front foyer demonstrating our robot, and informing parents on FIRST, FRC, and our team. We had a raffle fundraiser, and were selling baked goods by 3161's won "Baking squad". Vanella cupcakes, with homemade eatable lego gears, with black and gold "Tronic Titans" icing. The night, and the cupcakes were an overwhelming success. The next team meeting was more crowded than usual, with new recruits from this informational night.
Curriculum Night Photo Album

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At Holy Trinity, there is a mission called "Dominican Republic (DR) Hope". During the march break a group of students and teachers travel down to the Dominican Republic to build a house for a family in need. On September 29th, they had a Spaghetti Night fundraiser which included a silent auction, and 3161! We were in attendance helping out (some of our members and mentors are also part of DR Hope) and raising some money for this great mission. It was a great night of good food and good fun.
Spaghetti Night Photo Album

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On Tuesday, October 5, 2010, for the second consecutive year, The Tronic Titans led our our school Mass. It provided us with an unique opportunity to give back to the school community, while raising awareness within our school.

3161 was present at Holy Trinity's Semester 1 Parent-Teacher Interview Night on Thursday, October 14, 2010. We had the robot on demo, presenting our team and FRC to passing parents (we always get a member 'surge' at our next meeting... parents love FIRST!). In addition, we had a bake sale, and sold raffle tickets for fundraising.

Parent Teacher Interview Night Album

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Saturday, October 23, 2010 we held our second annual FORD Test Drive fundraiser. We had live music, a Barbecue and bake sale. It was a great community day full of nice cars and lots of fun!

Ford Test Drive 2010 Album
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During the Christmas season, our team makes it their mission to help a local family in need. We provide gift cards for a Christmas meal, as well as presents for Christmas morning.
View photos of the event.

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In fall of 2010, we mentored 2 rookie FLL teams St. Andrew's Avengers and Holy Family's Legomaniacs in the 2010 challenge Body Forward. We spent many weeks with them helping them perfect their robot performance and create a project focusing on body health and things that go wrong in the body. The students we worked with had done a great job in creating their own solution to problems found in the body.
View photos of the event.

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On December 2nd, 2010, we hosted our first Halton Regional FLL Tournament. We had a total of 16 teams attend the event and it was a great success! We sent the Tomken Techbots (4th), Dr. Millie (3rd), Robo-Doctors (2nd), and E-Bots Shock Squad (1st) to provincials. In addition to this, one of our mentored teams, Legomaniacs, recieved the "Rookie of the Year" award.
View photos of the event.
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