After the 2008 Regional events, Holy Trinity and Oakville Trafalgar members of team 1334 brought their robot over to Holy Trinity during the lunch hours to demonstrate and spread the word of FIRST. These events were vital in raising awareness with the school administration, and school student body, that directly resulted in the creation of team 3161.

After the 2009 World Championship event, again Holy Trinity and Oakville Trafalgar members of team 1334 brought their robot over to Holy Trinity during the lunch hours, except this time, the robot stayed! For one week 1334's robot remained at Holy Trinity while Mr. Balech, and HT 1334 members, traveled class to class promoting and recruiting our soon-to-be robotics team.

In late May, we started fundraising for our future robotics team. A joint 1334/3161 Father's day chocolate fundraiser.

Near the end of the 2009 school year, we, assisted by 1334's robot and members, were in attendance of "Titan Fest", an event hosted by the school to give back to the community. It addition to the robot, there was a huge barbeque, games, etc.
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Mr. Balech, and 2 Holy Trinity 1334 Members at Titan Fest.

In early September 2009, before the school year had begun, the Tronic Titans were at the Grade 9 orientation day promoting and passing on the word of FIRST, and our robotics team to the new grade 9 students and their parents. This event introduced dozens of students to the team, many of which joined as full time members.

We have also taken every opportunity since to continue to spread the word of
FIRST and promote our team. In late september, the team hosted an information booth in the school foyer for parents attending the school's Curriculum Information Night. We explained the program, and what was in store for our 2010 season. In mid-october the team hosted another information booth in the school foyer, this time, for parent-teacher conference night.
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On the 7th of November, 2009, we held our Ford Test Drive, our first independent community event. We had a live band, full BBQ, free beverages, and a raffle including $100's worth of sports tickets and gift certificates! It was a great day of fun.

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Within our school, in late 2009, we led a mass service. The mass was led by members of the team and catered to all students by promoting both good catholic values and promoting our team to the student body.

Our 2009 Christmas charity endeavour was to adopt a family in need. As a team, we were to support the family during the Christmas season with a christmas meal, tree, and gifts. We graciously donated food and other Christmas supplies such as a tree and decorations to the family so that they too could have a merry Christmas.

In December our team helped lead our school’s annual Christmas assembly. Our contributions involved a fun short movie with our mascot showing the student body the fun that is involved in robotics.
On January 14th, the team took part in the grade 8 parent information night. We shared the FIRST vision with parents of future HT students, and talked about FRC. We had the breakaway game description video on screen, beside what was built of the robot chassis.

Dean's homework for the 2010 build season; to spread the word of
FIRST. We took such a challenge in full stride! On the Friday of the Waterloo regional, we co-ordinated a school "buy-out". We gave students an opportunity to "buy-out" of class for the day to travel the 1 hour trek down to Waterloo to cheer on their robotics team and to experience and embrace the true experience of FIRST. Nearly 40 (non-robotics team-)Holy Trinity Students were in attendance, many of which joined the team after witnessing the inspirational event!

On March 4th, along with 1334, we attended the Men as Career coaches event at the Burlington convention centre where we promoted the
FIRST program and our team to students and mentors in technical studies field.