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FIRST Robotics Competition 2012 - Rebound Rumble
Live by the triple. Die by the triple.
The Game:
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The Rebound Rumble robotics game is played between two Alliances of three teams each. Each Alliance competes by trying to score as many of the basketballs in the hoops as possible during the 2-minute and 15-second match. Balls scored in higher hoops score Alliances more points. Alliances are awarded bonus points if they are balanced on bridges at the end of the match. In matches where opponent Alliances work together to balance on the white bridge, all participating teams earn additional valuable seeding points.


• Dimensions at start of game 28" x 38" x 60"
• Maximum dimensions during the match, 84" tall, maximum of one 14" appendage outside of the frame perimeter.
• Weight not to exceed 120 pounds, excluding batteries and bumpers.

Game Play Rules:

• A robot may not pin another robot that is in contact with a field border or tower for more than 5 seconds.
• Robots may only possess or herd three game piece at a time.
• Robots can not contact opposing robots in their alleys, scoring key, or on their bridge

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Game Pieces:
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Our Robot: Kronos [Guss]

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Team 3161, the Tronic Titans 2012 Rebound Rumble robot, Kronos.

- Four wheel drive, 6” AM Wedgetop wheels powered by four CIMs into two AndyMark Toughboxes. Geared for approximately 8.5 fps
- Wide configuration
- Riveted Aluminum tubing, Polycarbonate sheets and sheet metal.
- Low centre of gravity
- No Pneumatics
- Battery voltage regulates PWM output of shooter motors for automated ball scoring
- Scores balls in top basket
- Scores from the key into the top basket in autonomous. Can accept ball feeding from another robot.

Kronos uses the fender and alliance station wall to line up before sinking baskets.

- Powered by two BaneBots RS-550 motors into a BaneBots CIM-U-LATOR gearbox, 1.5:1 gear ratio to the wheels
- Two 6” AM Wedgetop wheels
- Battery voltage regulates PWM output

Ball Intake:
- Front of elevator uses aluminum and steel conveyer rollers. Bottom roller powered by two BaneBots RS-550 motors through a CIM-U-LATOR with a 3.5:1 gearing.
- Rollers connected with round polyurethane 3/16” belting, held in place by nylon blocks and tread strips on the conveyers
- Elevator has a 1/16” polycarbonate backing

Bridge Lower-er:
- Two independent 1/4” polycarbonate “sailboats”, attached with a piece of surgical tubing for continuity
- Lowered by two window motors geared 2:1 using #35 chain

2012 Waterloo Regional: Seeded 3rd of 30 teams.
2012 Greater Toronto West Regional: Seeded 1st of 55 teams. #1 alliance captain, Regional Finalists.
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Drive Team:
Driver: Luke Franceschini
Operator: Nathan Woodger
Drive Coach: Alison Bayzat
Human Player: Esteban Puello