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FIRST Robotics Competition 2010 - Breakaway
The Game:
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Breakaway is played on a 27' x 54' field with 1' high bumps separating three 16' wide zones. Two alliances of three teams each compete by attempting to earn points by collecting soccer balls in their goals. Additional bonus points are earned for each robot not touching the field at the end of the match.


• Dimensions at start of game 28" x 38" x 60"
• Maximum dimensions during last 20 seconds of the game are not to exceed 7' in diameter or 90" in height.
• Weight not to exceed 120 pounds, excluding batteries and bumpers.

Game Play Rules:

• Robots may not possess more than one ball at a time, but they may herd and kick multiple balls at a time. Balls must remain in contact with the floor while in robot’s possession.
• Alliances must return scored balls to the field quickly.
• Only one robot at a time is permitted to play defence in front of the opponent’s goals.
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Our Robot: Prometheus [Rock The Bot.]

Team 3161, the Tronic Titans 2010 Breakaway Robot, Prometheus.

-6" AM Wedgetop, 6 wheel drive powered by 4 CIMs on 2 AM toughboxes
-3+1 pneumatic system with 4 tanks, 1 downstream to reduce recharge lag
-fully adjustable kicker mounted on aluminum extrusion rails
-Pneumatically-cocked (1.5"x8" ram), surgical-tube return, gate latch-released (3/4"x3" ram) kicker design
-vacuum ball control system

Drive Team:
Drivers: Paul Fossenier, Andrew Azores
Drive Coach: Alexander Ratelle
Human Player: Craig Hoo

3161 seeded 7th out of 30 in waterloo (5th alliance captain), and went on to be seeded 52nd out of 86 in the Newton Division at the 2010 FRC World Championship.
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