The End of the 2013 Season

Hey everyone,

It's Krysta again, we've recently put the Administration team in charge of our blog but no worries, you'll still hear from me time to time.

We participated in the Waterloo and Greater Toronto West Regionals, sadly we didn't qualify for the World Championships, but hey, we're in Canada, it's a tough situation. We entered into the elimination rounds at both regional competitions as a part of the 5th and 8th alliances. But I did receive the Dean's List Finalist Award, so I had the opportunity to travel down to the World Championships in St.Louis with local FIRST Team 1334. It was a blast, I had a ton of fun, and I was so excited to see two Canadian teams win on Einstein!

Lately we've been up to quite a bit, we completed our Post Season Review and decided on ways to improve our team for the coming season. We've also attended our rookie team's Thank You Barbeque and Year-end celebration and got to chat more with our friends on Team 4519.

We've also been actively participating in Jr.FLL, in January of 2013 we sponsored the creation of 10 Jr.FLL teams at St.James and we had the chance to mentor them over the course of about six weeks. We also reviewed two Jr.FLL showcases at St.James and St.Luke. We're loving the Jr.FLL program, not to mention, the children participating are adorable!

3161 has also completed another successful bottle drive in our area, collecting us a total of $218.45! A few of us made our way out to Toronto to participate in 610's Robojam, where we had a great night chatting up many teams, most notably hanging out with 771, 1241, 1503 and 4039. We even organized a Star Trek movie night with our 'parent team' 1334, and our rookie team 4519. Who better to see a Star Trek movie with than other FIRST-ers?

Last weekend was our annual FIRST Social! We had students from teams 771, 1114, 1241, 1334, 4039, and 4519, hanging out with us, we also had a visit from FRC Director John Hobbins himself! I had a lot of MCing our game of 'Human Ultimate Ascent' and we all had fun participating in the days activities!

We just recently announced out captains for the 2014 Season, Captain Cam and his First Officer Spok! They'll be great leaders going into next year and I will be their guiding light, the Captain's Advisor. Today we participated in Titanfest, but due to heavy rain, we have to cover up our electronics and bring them all in just half way through.

Be on the look out for posts from Emma, Gaby, Kristyn, and Lauryn, your 2014 admin team!

Catch ya on the flip side,
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