Back to School - 3161's Fall Update

Hey Everyone,

Sorry we're late on our update, but it's been a busy few months here at 3161 with us holding our FORD Drive, getting ready for our Regional FLL Tournament, as well as running many team demos.

We got back to school in September and spent some time getting ready for our new members, on the 13th we held our Introductory Meeting for New Members and gained many dedicated team members. On the 21st we paired up with our partners at PEO (the Professional Engineers of Ontario - Oakville Chapter) to do a presentation at their Certificate Ceremony. There we honoured the new Professional Engineers as well as the PEO Scholarship Award Winners. One of the Scholarship winners was our own team alumni, Alison Bayzat, and our main contact, Miss Zahraa Al-Ali, also received her P.Eng that night. At this even we did a presentation on our team and FIRST as well as demoed our 2012 bot.

Throughout October we worked on our off-season project for many weeks allowing our newer members to get some hands on build experience. We also spent this time planning and preparing for our FORD Drive on the 22nd, which went very well. We'd like to thank everybody who came out to support us that weekend to support us in our of our biggest fundraisers. On the 27th we attended and participated in 771's 2012 Symposium, where we did a presentation on our FIRST Interdisciplinary Course and got to meet team 3504 (the Girls of Steel) from Pittsburgh! I got to meet other team captains from 781, 771, and 3504 as well as introduce team 3504 to bagged milk.

Now, in November, we spent some time working on a project for one of our sponsors, CVS (Creative Visual Solutions), by making their window display, at Sak's in downtown New York, move. Along with this we also participated in McMaster's Grade 9 Take Your Kid to Work day by setting up a booth they could check out before their day started. Today we ran our Applebee's Flapjack Fundraiser and had a great time doing so, a special thanks to those of you who came out!

So, we'll be updating more frequently from now on and you'll be seeing some new admins here as well!

I'll update soon,

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