FLL Tournament and hanging with 4519

Hey everyone!

Our team has just finished up a busy couple of weeks. We held our Halton Regional FLL Tournament last weekend and we made it over to our rookie team's meet and greet yesterday afternoon.

First off, the entire team had a great time running our 3rd annual FLL tournament last week, I love seeing everyone's projects and robots doing well on the field. I help to mentor the "Legomaniacs" and I got to visit with them several times throughout the day when I wasn't too busy. I am so proud of all the volunteers who helped us out on both Friday (for set up) and Saturday (for the tournament), they did an excellent job helping us run our first callback activity. Instead of leaving the teams to themselves during callbacks, teams who may not have received one or had some time between judging sessions, had the opportunity to participate in our "Around the World Retirement Tour". This tour consisted of several stations around the gym which each hosted a different activity. Teams would complete the tasks to go into the drawing for our unique "Spirit of Adventure" Award. We proudly mentored 4 teams this year, inspired another, and sent 9 qualifying teams to provincials including our very own "Geek Chic" FLL team.

Secondly, I headed over with a few of our team members to King's Christian Collegiate yesterday afternoon for 4519's meet and greet. We met up with them and got to know our rookie team a lot better, the day consisted of good food and lots of fun games. To top things off we finished up with a short meeting on what to expect in the upcoming build season. We had a great time getting to talk with 4519 on a more personal level and really seeing the environment they'll be working in.

20 days until kickoff! Get ready!
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