Team History 2014 and 2015

In the year of 2015, Team 3161- Tronic Titans experienced ups and downs just like anyone would in real life. A famous Chinese proverb goes, “A smooth sea does not make a skillful sailor”. Thus, for every challenge and adverse situation we faced, we treated it as an opportunity for growth. For Recycle Rush, we created a robot named Koios to compete in the Waterloo regional in 2015. We were the final pick of the 3rd alliance. As a result, we were carried to the semi-finals. Our robot may not be the best in functioning, but we take pride in how far we have come, and hold faith in how far we can go.

Our team members at 3161 are big dreamers. We put our heads into the clouds, and our feet on the ground. We intend to go from the ground up in 2015. We focused on the quality of the outreach events rather than our usual approach to reach the highest quantity. The FLL tournament is another summit we have reached by the number of teams that attended. We remained the largest tournament held in Ontario. In March, we hosted the National Engineering Month with PEO. We successfully attracted more than two hundred people in attendance. We travelled to University of Toronto to take part in the Science Rendezvous fair. We held our largest fundraiser Ford Drive in partnership with Oakland Ford Dealership. This accounts for a considerable amount of funds we receive from our sponsors. Our most important sponsor, the school and board supplies us with resources and venues for half of our outreach events. We reward the school by attending the first ever Club Banquet, and congratulations to our MAC (Most Active Contributor) winner Brandon Higgins, and Golden Wrench Award winner Paulius Pace. We learned from our 4th FIRST Social that struggles are parts of life, and life cannot have true beauty without them. Good luck to all teams next season!!

Not to boast, but Team 3161 has to say that our 2014 was a Golden Age. We reached the World Championship in St. Louis by winning the Engineering Inspiration at Greater East Toronto Regional. Also, we have won the Innovation in Control Award at the Waterloo Regional for the claw and punch design we have on our robot Thanatos. Congratulations to Krysta Peralto for winning the Dean’s List Finalist for the second time. We earned high rankings in both regionals as well. We were the 5th alliance’s pick at Greater Toronto East; we were the 8th alliance captains in Waterloo. Another advantage we gained from building Thanatos, it turned out to be a great outreach, interactive for the community events we held!

We extend our awareness to many social issues in the world. First in the summer, we completed the  ‪#‎ALSIceBucketChallenge‬ nominating our sister team 1334, SWAT 771, and 4519. Early June that year, we held the first ever Women in STEM Night by receiving funds from SpeakUp Grant project. We find that often times women are a visible minority in the field of engineering and we are determined to make women equal counterparts to men. We also earned the engineering badges by visiting the local Girl Guides for demonstration of Thanatos. We are invested in the issues of gender equality because we have faith that our involvement would someday make a difference in the world. Of course, we continued many established traditional events that the team holds. Halton FLL Qualifying Tournament happened in our school remains the largest in Ontario. We come in partnership with PEO to hold our annual National Engineering Month. We go beyond our school ground to participate in the local Ribfest and Midnight Madness as well. There are endless possibilities we are inspiring with our outreach event. One day we believe that Dean’s vision will come true as young people dream of being science and technology leaders under our countless effort.
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