2013 Update!

I'm sorry I haven't been updating guys, we've been very busy and having that second blogger didn't work out. Hopefully we can make it all work soon!

It's been a ridiculously busy time for us, but we have our 2013 competition robot, Perses, bagged and our 2013 practice robot, Zoidberg, is up and running (Need a name for your practice robot? Why not Zoidberg?). We've spent a lot of time working with our rookie team (4519) helping to create our sibling bot Gimli. We've helped them to prepare for their first competition and create their rookie all-star submission. I'm very proud to say that they've even told us "It's not about winning the regional, we want to win rookie all-star".

Last weekend we hosted National Engineering Month with our PEO - Oakville Chapter with more than 300 people in attendance throughout the day, up from last year's 200 attendees. It was so much fun, and I must say, it was the least stressful event I've ever run :P. Just last week, we also headed out to our title sponsor, Anubis Manufacturing Corporation, to tour their facilities. They explained to us how many different 3D printers work and showed us some of the cool things that their printer made. They even showed us their new and exciting invention, the Anubometer. They donated to FIRST internationally this year, so if your team didn't pick up a 3D printing voucher, they're missing out on the awesome things they could make.

We're extremely excited to be submitting for Chairman's this year and we will be visiting KPMG to share our presentation with them before we head out to our first competition. This year we'll be competing out at Waterloo and at GTR West (Greater Toronto West Regional) so if you're in the neighbourhood stop by! Pay us a visit, I'll be in the pits! 

So excited,
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